Bakker Brothers sells home gardening beans activities to N. Sgaravatti & C. Sementi S.p.a.

Our focus is now exclusively on professional bean breeding.

Bakker Brothers: a fully-fledged R&D-based company

At Bakker Brothers we're continuing our journey into a fully-fledged R&D-based company by selling our home gardening activities to N. Sgaravatti & C. Sementi S.p.a. This sale is an important step in our change of direction through the expansion of our seed breeding and research & development activities for professional markets. We will continue to serve the professional bean market with our selection of beans.

In addition to our current assortment of professional beans, our breeders are hard at work to develop new professional bean varieties. We are rapidly changing from a wholesale seed supplier to a dedicated breeding-company that serves our partners in Middle East, Africa and Central Asia with our own products, tailored to their market’s needs. Our move to focus on professional beans strongly supports this focus.
Our CEO René Rijs sees this development as proof of dedication to the intensified efforts of our company to be a dedicated partner for farmers, distributors and NGO’s in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. René: “We strive to help farmers towards a more efficient and sustainable food production by providing seeds that meet current and future market-requirements” .  

Bakker Brothers Bean Selection

Introducing "Bakker Beans by Sgaravatti"

For more than 80 years Bakker Brothers has served the home gardening sector. Italy-based company N. Sgaravatti & C. Sementi S.p.a., established in 1820, has a large footprint in this market as well. We have been working together for 40 years and a smooth transition of all activities on short term is expected. Sebastiano Poli, CEO of Sgaravatii: “we are proud to intensify our position in the Home and Garden segment and we will continue the good position, relationships and quality of the Home and Garden beans business which was build and developed by Bakker Brothers over the past 80 years.
To guarantee the quality Home and Garden clients are used to, the program by Sgaravatti will be given the name “Bakker Beans by Sgaravatti”.

Bakker Beans by Sgaravatti