Hybrid Cucurbits for Every Field

With the season approaching, we'd love for you to get acquainted with our offerings of cucurbits. Our portfolio includes squash, melon and watermelons in varying types with varying maturities. 


Baliza is a uniform, highly productive Lebanese type summer squash. It has vigorous plants with good leaf coverage. Its club-shaped fruits are easy to pick, making this variety very grower friendly. 

  • Hybrid Lebanese Squash
  • For open field cultivation
  • 52 days to maturity
  • Fruit length 14-16cm
  • Resistant/tolerant to Watermelon Mosaic Virus (WMV), Cucumber Mosaic Virus (CMV), Downy Mildew (Pcu), Powdery Mildew (Px (Sf))
More Information on Baliza
Hybrid Lebanese Squash Baliza


Butler is a multipurpose variety; it can be sold on the fresh market and for processing (pre-pack). Its seed cavity is small and surrounded by thick, fine textured bright yellow flesh that is hard, firm and dry. Butler's fruits have a long shelf life (approx. 3 months).

  • Hybrid Butternut Squash
  • 90-100 days to maturity
  • Fruit weight 1.5-2kg
  • Fruit size 27x11cm
  • Medium seed size 
More Information on Butler
Hybrid Butternut Squash Butler

Antalya Improved

High yielding Galia type hybrid with excellent fruit setting under high temperatures and sweet tasting flesh. 

  • Hybrid Galia
  • Early maturity, 8-85 days
  • Fruit weight 1.2-1.8kg
  • Highly resistant to Fusarium (Fom:0,1)
  • Intermediate resistant to Powdery Mildew (Px:0,1)
More Information on Antalya Improved
Hybrid Galia Melon Antalya Improved


Avallon is a large size crimson sweet type with uniform fruits, high yield, and an excellent sweet taste

  • Hybrid Sugar Crimson Sweet
  • Early to medium maturity
  • Fruit weight 12-14+kg
More Information on Avallon
Hybrid Crimson Sweet Watermelon Avallon

BB CWA 0935

Our newest hybrid crimson sweet type, a clear improvement on our Avallon! The strong vigorous plant has high continuance and good foliage cover. The fruits are broad elliptic in shape.

  • Hybrid Crimson Sweet
  • 80-85 days to maturity
  • Fruit size 12-15kg
More Information on BB CWA 0935
Hybrid Crimson Sweet Watermelon BB CWA 0935


High yielding sugar baby type with uniform fruits and an excellent sweet taste.

  • Hybrid Sugar Baby 
  • Diploid
  • Medium early maturity
  • Fruit weight 5-7kg
  • Medium seed size
More Information on Baggio
Hybrid Sugar Baby Watermelon Baggio


Charleston Gray type with long oval shaped, gray green coloured fruits.

  • Hybrid Charleston Gray
  • Diploid
  • Fruit weight 9-12kg
  • Small seed size
More Information on Barbados
Hybrid Charleston Gray Watermelon Barbados


Bravo is a hybrid Charleston Gray type with high yield. The broad elliptic fruits have no hollowness. 

  • Hybrid Charleston Gray
  • Medium maturity
  • Fruit weight 12-14kg
  • Small seed size
More Information on Bravo
Hybrid Charleston Gray Watermelon Bravo


Matilo is a blocky oval crimson sweet type with high yield and uniform fruits. The Brix is 13. 

  • Hybrid Crimson Sweet 
  • Diploid
  • Medium early maturity
  • Fruit weight 12-14kg
  • Medium seed size
More Information on Matilo
Hybrid Crimson Sweet Watermelon Matilo