Hybrid Eggplant Vidal: Developed Especially For Year-round Production 

Vidal is our first hybrid eggplant for year-round production. We've extensively tested Vidal indoors and outdoors in summer and winter to ensure this variety shows excellent productivity in all seasons, especially in the Middle-East and Northern Africa. Read on to discover even more advantages Vidal has to offer. 

Excellent Colour in Hot Conditions

Vidal is a hybrid half-long eggplant with early maturity. Suitable for tunnel and open field, this variety is highly adaptable for high and low temperatures. This hybrid eggplant’s open plant lessens disease pressures. The big leaves provide excellent leaf cover, ensuring the fruits will retain their deep colour even in in hot conditions. 

Eggplant Vidal Plant

Works Wonders in Winters

Vidal's fruits are 17x7cm in size and a shiny, attractive dark colouring. The fruits have very good firmness and very good uniformity in shape on all level of picking. The variety gives a high yield of uniform, spineless fruits. During our testing phase in Northern Africa we've also received excellent feedback on the taste, with our partners noting it was better than the market's leading variety. 

Eggplant Vidal Fruits

Hybrid Eggplant Vidal Variety Characteristics

Variety Characteristics  

Crop Eggplant F1
Maturity Early
Cultivation Tunnel, open field
Uniformity High
Yield High

Plant Characteristics

Internodes Short
Calyx Green, spineless

Fruit Characteristics

Shape Half-long
Color Deep-Purple Black
Size 17x7cm
Firmness Firm
Eggplant Vidal Variety Characteristics