Most Promising New Vegetable Varieties for the Middle-East and Northern Africa

Shortly before our open field days event in Jordan, our product managers travel early to inspect the fields in our trial station containing our newest varieties. They take great care to inspect our BB number varieties: pre-commercial varieties that show the most potential to be commercially introduced in their best-suited for market and region.

We test these BB numbers in our own fields and with our distributors to gather the most feedback on their performance. Some of our already commercial varieties were tested extensively in new regions for the first time this year. These are our most promising new varieties for the Middle-East and Northern Africa.

Most Promising Hybrid Determinate Tomatoes

Our most promising determinate tomato varieties are BB STM 0954, BB STM 0956 and BB STM 1029.

BB STM 0954 has a round shape and early maturity. Its firm and very uniform fruits weigh 160-180gr.  Highly resistant to ToMV, Fol-2, Va and intermediately resistant to TYLCV. The variety is mostly suited for early spring sowing, but can also be used for summer sowing in areas where Ty causes problems for growers. 

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Hybrid Tomato BB STM 0954

BB STM 0956

BB STM 0956 beef-type round tomato with medium maturity and fruits weighing 200-220gr. Its fruits have very good external and internal colouring. Highly resistant to ToMV, Fol-2, Va with intermediate resistance to TYLCV and Nematodes. The vigour and cover of the plants are very good. Overall, BB STM 0956 has been a very stable variety in the many different locations we’ve tested it in. 

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Hybrid Tomato BB STM 0956

BB STM 1029

BB STM 1029 is a high yielding beef tomato with good plant cover and strong vigour. Its round fruits weigh 220-260gr and have good internal and external colouring. This variety has medium-late maturity. Highly resistant to ToMV, Fol-2, Va with intermediate resistance to TYLCV and Nematodes.  

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Hybrid Tomato 1029

Most Promising Hybrid Onions

In the Middle-East and Northern Africa, main segment for onion are red and yellow type of intermediate day length. In this category, our most promising onion varieties are BB ALO 0811, Dubai, Ovation, BB ALO 0794, BB ALO 1034. These onions can be sown in December and January, transplanted in February, and harvested in June and July. Notable about their bulbs is their high uniformity, brown colouring, good skin quality of high retention. In the field these varieties showed good field holding ability.

BB ALO 0794

BB ALO 0794 is intermediate day yellow onion, has very round, very firm bulbs, medium-late maturity The bulbs have medium brown colouring and good scale adhesion.

Hybrid Onion

BB ALO 1034

BB ALO 1034 is intermediate day yellow onion, has round, very uniform bulbs and medium maturity. This variety is tolerant to leaf diseases and has high resistance to Pink Root Rot. 

Hybrid Onion BB ALO 1034


Ovation is intermediate day yellow onion, has firm, round bulbs with excellent skin retention. This variety has medium maturity.

Hybrid Onion

Most Promising Hybrid Carrots

Our most promising carrot varieties are Sturgeon and Marlin. These varieties are exceptional Nantes types for the fresh market, especially in markets where the carrots are washed directly in the field. Both varieties have good root quality, with good colouring, high uniformity and smooth skin. In our trials they showed field tolerance to Powdery Mildew and had good field holding ability.

Hybrid Carrots


Marlin has slightly conical roots of 19-21cm and is suitable for Spring or Autumn with an  early maturity of 90-95 days. 

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Hybrid Carrot Marlin


Sturgeon has long cylindrical roots of 20-22cm and is suitable for Summer with a maturity of 115-120 days.

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Hybrid Carrot Sturgeon

Most Promising Hybrid Eggplants

Our most promising hybrid eggplant varieties are BB SEG 0881 and BB SEG 0883. 

BB SEG 0881 is a high-yielding variety with oval fruits. The variety has medium tall plants and the leaves gives good cover and protection for the fruits. BB SEG 0881 is 100% spineless.

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Hybrid Eggplant BB SEG 0881

BB SEG 0883

BB SEG 0883 has phenomenal dark colouring, much darker than standard varieties. This variety keeps its colour even when grown in extreme conditions. BB SEG 0883 is very high yielding, giving more oval fruits per plant than similar varieties. The plant is very strong able to set fruits all along with almost no flower drop. This hybrid eggplant is 100% spineless.  

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Hybrid Eggplant BB SEG 0883

Most Promising Hybrid Hot Pepper

Our most promising hybrid hot pepper variety in this trial was BB SPP 0885. BB SPP 0885 has very early maturity and can be grown year-round. This high yielding variety gives very dark, smooth fruits with a thick wall measuring on average 22x2.5cm. 

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Hybrid Hot Pepper BB SPP 0885

Most Promising Lettuce Varieties

Our most promising lettuce varieties are Dina and Topper. These crisphead varieties can be grown year-round in extremely hot areas. They bolt late and their heads have a darker green colour, in line with the demand of the markets.


Dina can even be grown in Summer due to its excellent heat resistance. This variety has a maturity of 45-60 days (in Summer) and intermediate resistance to Bremia lactucae. 

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Lettuce Dina


Topper has a large frame, maturity of 85-95 days (in Autumn) and intermediate resistance to Lettuce Mosaic Virus. 

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Lettuce Topper