Oakly: Your Premium Rio Grande Hybrid

Oakly is an early maturing tomato with double purpose with success stories across Africa in both the fresh and processing market segments. With fourfold (4x) yield gains over Rio Grande it is no surprise that farmers are converting to this early generation hybrid tomato in Cameroon, Nigeria, and Senegal.

Oakly starts yielding harvestable fruit at an early stage. With it strong vigorous growth the plant provides ample cover against sunburn to allow continued harvesting of quality fruit throughout the season. The fruits are borne in large clusters of 6-7 fruits and with sizes of 80–110gr fit the requirements of most informal tomato value chains in Africa. This is further complimented by fruits with thick walls, allowing good transportation and minimal losses off the farm, securing a better income to growers!

For Fresh Market and Processing Industry

Oakly has a good disease package for most markets interested in early adoption of hybrids with high resistance to Tomato Torrado Virus (ToTV), Alternaria Stem Canker (Aal), Fusarium (Fol-2), Verticillium (Va) and intermediate resistance to Grey Leaf Spot (Ss) & Nematodes (Mi).

Apart from Oakly’s fresh market demand, it has also made inroads into the processing markets of especially West-Africa. Its compact but strong plants allow handpicking over 1-2 weeks making it suitable for small scale growers supply. Oakly’s impressive yield, color and brix of harvested fruit continued to impress industry and farmers alike!

Hybrid Determinate Tomato Oakly