Sweet Pepper Lamuyo


Hybrid Lamuyo sweet pepper with early maturity. Auristo’s early maturity allows growers to be first on the market for green or red harvest at maturity. It is adaptable for outdoor and indoor growing, creating opportunities for cropping. This variety produces very uniform, large, attractive fruits sized 18x8 cm and weighing 350gr with thick walls up to 6mm thick. The good individual fruit weight allows fruit to be sold loose or boxed. Vigorous plant with medium internodes and good leaf cover.


Hybrid: F1
Cultivation: Open Field, Tunnel
Maturity: Early
Yield: High
Uniformity: High


Vigour: Very Strong
Internode Length: Medium
Leaf Cover: Good


Size: 18x8cm
Shape: Lamuyo
Colour: Green -> Red
Walls: Thick