Tomato Determinate


High yielding processing tomato with early maturity of 85 days after transplanting, allowing flexibility in harvest process schedule. It is well-adapted to handpick over a 1-2 week harvest period. This variety had good leaf cover that protects the fruit set against sunburn, improving factory results. The firm fruits have thick walls, thus its harvested fruits travel well with minimal losses and optimized results.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Tomato Torrado Virus - ToTV
Grey Leaf Spot - Ss
Fusarium - Fol-2
Verticillium - Va
Nematodes – Mi
Altenaria Stem Canker - Aal



Hybrid: F1
Type: Determinate
Maturity: Very early, ± 85 days to first pick


Vigour: Strong
Internode Length: Medium


Shape: Elongated
Weight: 80-110gr
Firmness: Firm
Attachment: Semi-jointed
Walls: Thick
Brix: 5
Cluster: 5-7