BB STM 0544

Tomato Determinate

BB STM 0544

BB STM 0544 is a hybrid determinate tomato. The fruits are round in shape and very firm. On average the fruits weigh 140-160gr. The plant is very strong and gives good cover. This variety is able to grow under even the toughest and most extreme of weather and climate conditions. 

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus - TYLCV
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus - TSWV
Tomato Torrado Virus - ToTV
Bacterial Wilt - Rs
Grey Leaf Spot - Ss
Bacterial Speck - Pst
Fusarium - Fol-2
Alternaria Stem Canker – Aal
Verticillium - Va



Firmness: Very Firm
Shape: Round
Weight: 140-160gr


Leaf Cover: Very Good
Vigour: Very Strong


Type: Determinate
Hybrid: F1