BB STM 0544

Tomato Determinate

BB STM 0544

Hybrid determinate round tomato. The fruits are round in shape and very firm. On average the fruits weigh 140-160gr. The plant is very strong and gives good cover. This variety is able to grow under even the toughest and most extreme of weather and climate conditions. 

Disease Resistance Package
High Resistance:
Tomato Torrado Virus (ToTV)
Bacterial Speck (Pst)
Fusarium (Fol-2)
Alternaria Stem Canker (Aal)
Verticillium (Va)

Intermediate Resistance:
Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus - TYLCV
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus - TSWV
Bacterial Wilt - Rs
Grey Leaf Spot - Ss


Hybrid: F1
Type: Determinate


Vigour: Very Strong
Leaf Cover: Very Good


Shape: Round
Weight: 140-160gr
Firmness: Very Firm