Sweet Corn sh2


Hybrid sh2 sweet corn with early maturity of 76-86 days for fresh market and processing industry. Bijar is able to withstand harsh weather conditions due to its strong plant and high lodging resistance. This variety yields one cob but has the capability to yield two cobs under good cultivation conditions. Bijar’s very good tipfill gives this variety an added value.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Common Rust (Ps)
Northern Corn Leaf Blight (Et)
Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus (MDMV)


Hybrid: F1
Type: sh2
Market: Fresh Market, Processing Industry
Yield: High
Maturity: Early maturity, 76-86 days


Height: 200-220cm
Height of First Ear: 70-80cm
Lodging Resistance: High


Length: 22-24cm
Diameter: 5.2cm
Weight with Husk: 440-490cm
Weight without Husk: 330-380cm
Rows in Length: 42-44
Rows in Diameter: 16-18
Kernel Length: 11--12mm
Kernel Diameter: 8-9mm
Kernel Colour: Yellow
Tipfilling: Very Good