Sweet Corn sh2


Hybrid sh2 sweet corn with maturity of 76-80 days for fresh market and processing industry. Bita has the capability to yield two cobs under good cultivation conditions, generally Bita will yield one cob. This variety has a long shelf life, adding value.


Hybrid: F1
Type: sh2
Market: Fresh Market, Processing Industry
Maturity: 76-80 Days
Yield: High


Height: 185-200cm
Height of First Ear: 60-70cm
Leaf Colour: Dark Green
Lodging Resistance: High


Length: 20-22cm
Diameter: 5.0cm
Weight with Husk: 400-440gr
Weight without Husk: 290-330gr
Rows in Length: 40-42
Rows in Diameter: 16-18
Kernel Length: 10-11mm
Kernel Diameter: 7-8mm
Kernel Colour: Yellow