Squash Butternut


Butler is a hybrid butternut squash with a maturity of 90-100 days. The club-shaped fruits weigh 1.5-2kg and are 27x11cm in size. Butler’s seed cavity is small and surrounded by thick, fine textured bright yellow flesh that is hard, firm and dry. It has medium-sized seeds. The colour of the Butler F1 pump kins is creamy until ripening. At ripening the color turns yellow. Colour variations (lines) are completely absent at maturity. Its fruits have a long shelf life (approx. 3 months). This variety has various uses. It can be sold on the fresh market and in addition is also ideal for processing (pre-pack).



Shape: Club
Size: 27x11cm
Colour: Cream -> Yellow
Weight: 1.5-2kg


Habit: Open
Vigour: Strong
Growth type: Semi-bush


Market: Fresh Market, Processing (Prepack)
Yield: High
Cultivation: Open Field
Uniformity: Very High
Hybrid: F1
Maturity: ±90-100 Days