Squash Butternut


Hybrid butternut squash with a maturity of 90-100 days. Butler’s club-shaped fruits weigh 1.5-2kg and are 27x11cm in size. Butler’s seed cavity is small and surrounded by thick, fine textured bright yellow flesh that is hard, firm and dry. It has medium-sized seeds. The pumpkin’s colour is creamy until ripening. At ripening the colour turns yellow. Colour variations (lines) are completely absent at maturity. Its fruits have a long shelf life (approx. 3 months). This variety has various uses: it can be sold on the fresh market and in addition is also ideal for processing (pre-pack).


Hybrid: F1
Market: Fresh Market, Processing (Prepack)
Cultivation: Open Field
Maturity: ±90-100 Days
Yield: High
Uniformity: Very High


Growth type: Semi-bush
Habit: Open
Vigour: Strong


Colour: Cream -> Yellow
Shape: Club
Size: 27x11cm
Weight: 1.5-2kg