Tomato Determinate


Hybrid determinate elongated tomato with early maturity for processing industry. Its vigorous plant has short internodes, ensuring a good leaf cover for fruit set leading to less damage to sunburn. Cascais has a good heat set and gives a consistent performance with reliable results. The fruits weigh 90-100gr and have thick walls and travel well from field to factory with minimal wastage.

Disease Resistance Package
High Resistance:
Fusarium (Fol-2)
Verticillium (Va)

Intermediate Resistance:
Nematodes (Mi)


Hybrid: F1
Type: Determinate
Maturity: Early, avg. 90 days after transplanting


Vigour: Strong
Leaf Cover: Good
Internode Length: Short


Shape: Elongated
Weight: 90-100gr
Firmness: Very Firm
Cluster: 5-6
Brix: 4.5
Walls: Thick
Attachment: Jointless