Maize Maize


Hybrid maize with an FAO of 520. It is an excellent dual-purpose variety for grain and silage. For early sowing a rate of 85000 seeds/ha is recommended and for late sowings 90000 seeds/ha.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Cobrot (Khuskia oryzae)
Common Rust (Ps)
Northern Corn Leaf Blight (Et)
Maize Streak Virus (MSV)


Hybrid: F1
FAO: 520
Yield: High


Height: High
Vigour: Strong
Leaf Posture: Medium Erect
Lodging Resistance: Very High
Drought Resistance: Very High


Grain Colour: Yellow
Grain Colour Intensity: Medium
Shape: Cylindrical
Rows Per Ear: 14-16
Kernels Per Row: 34-38
Thousand Kernel Weight: 320-370
Starch Content: High
Length: Medium