Sweet Pepper Blocky


Hybrid blocky sweet pepper with medium maturity for open field. Gambia’s vigorous plant ensures good protection from sun, supporting a strong set and good fruit development. This variety’s best results are achieved when the crops are supported by stales, lengthening its harvesting window and ensuring higher yield and income. Gambia's fruit measure 15x9cm and go from green to red. Its disease resistance/tolerance package is well-suited for developing markets - secure string base for quality production.

Disease Resistance Package
High Resistance:
Potato Virus Y (PVY:0,1)
Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TM:0)


Hybrid: F1
Cultivation: Open Field
Maturity: Medium
Yield: High
Uniformity: High


Vigour: Strong
Internode Length: Medium


Size: 15x9cm
Shape: Blocky
Colour: Green -> Red