Mountain Lion

Tomato Determinate

Mountain Lion

Beef tomato with good disease resistance/tolerance package allowing production in areas affected by diseases such as TSWV and Grey Leaf Spot. It has good fruit setting under low and high temperatures allows adaptable production with early and late plantings, creating and securing markets for growers. Mountain Lion can be grown flat or low-staked, allowing grower preference while still limiting sunburn.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus - TSWV
Tomato Torrado Virus - ToTV
Grey Leaf Spot - Ss
Fusarium - Fol-2
Verticillium - Va
Altenaria Stem Canker - Aal



Firmness: Firm


Shape: Flat-round
Weight: 280-350gr


Leaf Cover: Good
Vigour: Very Strong


Subtype: Beef
Hybrid: F1
Maturity: Medium-early, ±75 days after transplant
Type: Determinate