Cucumber Beth Alpha


Hybrid Beth Alpha cucumber with medium maturity. For open field in spring and summer. Saly's plant has a high continuance, strong vigour and short internodes with 1-2 fruits per node. The plant has predominantly female flowers and no pruning is needed. The green fruits have slightly ribbed skin and measure 16-18cm in length.

Disease Resistance Package
Intermediate Resistance:
Cucumber Mosaic Virus – CMV
Cucumber Vein Yellowing Virus - CVYV
Downy Mildew – Pcu
Papaya Ringspot Virus - PRSV
Watermelon Mosaic Virus – WMV


Hybrid: F1
Type: Beth Alpha
Cultivation: Open Field
Season: Spring, Summer
Maturity: Medium
Yield: High


Vigour: Strong
Continuance: Very Good
Internode Length: Short
Fruits Per Node: 1-2
Sex Expression: Predominantly Female Flowers
Pruning Needed: None


Length: 16-18cm
Shape: Cylindrical
Colour: Medium Green
Skin: Slightly Ribbed