Sweet Corn sh2


Shush is a hybrid sweet corn sh2 type variety with a maturity of 71-75 days. It is able to withstand harsh weather conditions due to it has a strong plant and high lodging resistance. This variety yields one cob but has the capability to yield two cobs under good cultivation conditions. 

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Northern Corn Leaf Blight (Et)



Diameter: 5.0cm
Rows in Length: 40-42
Kernel Diameter: 7-8mm
Weight with Husk: 420-460gr
Rows in Diameter: 16-18
Kernel Colour: Yellow
Length: 19-21cm
Weight without Husk: 320-360gr
Kernel Length: 11-12mm
Tipfilling: Very Good


Height of First Ear: 60-70cm
Lodging Resistance: High
Height: 180-190cm


Hybrid: F1
Maturity: 71-75 Days
Type: sh2
Yield: High
Market: Fresh Market, Processing Industry