Maize Maize


Hybrid maize variety with an FAO of 550. It performs well under various conditions such as heat and drought, being highly resistant to lodging and drought. This variety is suitable for irrigation. Due to its good disease resistance/tolerance package it is very suitable for silage.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Cobrot (Khuskia oryzae)
Common Rust (Ps)
Northern Corn Leaf Blight (Et)
Maize Streak Virus (MSV)


Hybrid: F1
FAO: 550
Yield: High


Height: High
Vigour: High
Leaf Posture: Medium Erect
Lodging Resistance: Very High
Drought Resistance: Very High


Grain Colour: Yellow
Grain Colour Intensity: Dark
Shape: Cylindrical
Length: Long
Rows Per Ear: 16-18
Kernels Per Row: 36049
Thousand Kernel Weight: 330-420
Starch Content: High