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Bakker Brothers

Let It Grow

Commited to improving farmers' livelihood, since 1928.

Making Seeds Better, For You

We breed our seeds to suit your needs.

Internationally Oriented

Our focus markets are Central Asia, the Middle-East & Northern Africa, and Sub-Sahara Africa.

Our developing process

  1. Extensive research

    Extensive research is conducted into the market chain for the main varieties in our target markets. Industry and consumer preferences are collected by our sales team, who are in close contact with our research and development department.

  2. Breeding

    Breeding is done in different breeding hubs for different climates to ensure seeds will do well in the climate they're meant for. We have breeding stations in the Netherlands, Jordan and Tanzania.

  3. Quality check

    A team of Bakker Brothers specialists is engaged to check every seed lot to ensure that these meet the highest quality criteria.

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