All our varieties are created using natural breeding techniques.

Research and Development

Bakker Brothers has undertaken plant breeding and selection programs which have been developed and intensified over the years.

Before a variety is developed, extensive research is conducted into the market chain for the main varieties in our target markets. Industry and consumer preferences are collected by our sales team, who inform our research and development department. The result of this interaction is the guarantee that our new varieties include features and characteristics that meet the market’s wishes. Traits like more attractive colour, increased yield potential, better firmness, longer shelf life and resistance to a wide range of diseases are added to varieties. Our aim is to not only ensure customer satisfaction with the product supplied, but also to keep consumers interested in new, innovative varieties.

Bakker Brothers Seed Research and Development


Breeding is done in different breeding hubs for different climates. Our breeding station in the Netherlands breeds varieties for cool and wet climate. In Jordan we breed varieties suited for a hot and dry climate, and in Tanzania we breed varieties that fare well in a hot and wet climate. We conduct our test at our breeding stations and in trial fields located in Italy, Northern France, and Southern France. In addition, we have access to breeding locations of our sister companies in South-Africa, Zimbabwe, and Turkey.


Our breeding and selection programs use highly innovative and advanced breeding techniques such as molecular breeding and marker-assisted selection. All our varieties are created using natural breeding techniques. We do not use any methods that include genetic modification. 

Bakker Brothers Seed Breeding


Bakker Brothers works together with external partners to produce our stock seed on special selected production farms. We produce in different regions of the world to ensure we are able to produce every season. This makes us flexible and allows us to control risks.

We set the quality criteria for our seed production and our experts ensure these are met. Our procurement team frequently visits our production fields to guarantee the quality of our  seedsThey check the seeds on our production farms for varietal purity, the absence of diseases and other quality aspects.

Bakker Brothers Seed Production

Stock Storage and Quality Control

Quality is our trademark. A team of Bakker Brothers specialists is engaged to check every seed lot to ensure that these meet the highest quality criteria. Our specialists visit seed production fields and assess the growing conditions of the seed crops to monitor the seed quality during every step of processing. 

After production, our seeds are exported to our main office in the Netherlands. We store the seeds in our warehouse. Seeds are carefully stored in specialized boxes under the right climate conditions. 

At our laboratory the arrived seed lots are tested in accordance with the International Rules for Seed Testing as dictated by the ISTA. Our own qualified laboratory technicians test for thousand seed weight determination, germination, vigor, analytical purity, varietal purity, and moisture content. 

Outside our laboratory seed samples are grown out on greenhouses and extended trial fields to ensure the varietal purity. Bakker Brothers also uses external laboratories for DNA testing, absence of diseases, hybrid purity and variety verification. We report these findings to our customers upon request. Using all these methods, we ensure that the seeds that we supply are homogeneous, healthy, vigorous and clean. 

As our laboratory is adjacent to our main office and packing warehouse, the route from testing to packing to the customer receiving their seeds is efficiently planned. 

Bakker Brothers Seed Quality Control


All orders are packed after receiving the order confirmation of the customer, which makes it flexible for adjustments depending on market demands. Bakker Brothers works with a wide variety of packing material to optimize how orders are handled.

Upon request seeds can be primed, palleted, encrusted, graded and / or treated with the most suitable chemical. We also advise customers to consider a natural option, our Biostim organic seed treatment.

Bakker Brothers Warehouse