Protect Your Seeds Organically

Biostim Seed Treatment

Biostim is Bakker Brothers’ answer to the question “How can I protect my seeds organically?”. It is a seed enhancement treatment that protects and nurtures seeds, thanks to the organic filmcoating and added nutrients.

In 2014 we decided it was time for a new approach to treating seeds, one that would stimulate seeds organically and would not harm the environment. We introduced Biostim in 2015 to great response. As a company, we believe that chemical disinfectants and pesticides should be used sparsely. Instead we look towards alternatives when possible. Our research and development department pays special attention to breed natural resistances into our crops. We also believe in protecting crops using 100% organic treatments when possible.

Biostim is free of the negative side effects that are common to chemical treatments. It also does not contain any intentionally added microplastics, meaning the seeds dry faster. As such, seeds treated with Biostim remain vigorous for much longer than those treated with traditional chemicals. Field test results have shown that seeds treated with Biostim give a higher yield. Results have also shown that treated seeds have a very good tolerance to pests and diseases.


Biostim supports your crops and the environment. We believe this all-in-one-concept helps the world food supply chain on a sustainable and environmental friendly way.

Bakker Brothers Biostim Seed Treatment