BB SEG 0883: Top Hybrid Oval Eggplant for Open Field

Introducing our newest hybrid eggplant and top choice for open field cultivation, the oval-shaped BB SEG 0883!

BB SEG 0883 is an early maturing variety, with spineless fruits that have extra dark colouring giving this variety a true competitive edge.  The strong plant covers the fruits very well guaranteeing its colour. BB SEG 0883 is now commercially available. 

BB SEG 0883 in Motion


BB SEG 0883 Technical Specifications

  • Hybrid eggplant
  • Early maturity
  • For open field cultivation
  • Oval shape, 17x10cm fruits
  • Very dark colouring
  • Very firm
  • Green, spineless fruits
  • Short internodes
  • Very high uniformity
  • Very high yield
Hybrid Eggplant BB SEG 0883