Hybrid Eggplant Varo: A-Quality Fruits Assured

Hybrid eggplant Varo is one of the newest additions to our hybrid product portfolio. Get to know this half-long type - perhaps Varo is the perfect match for your market! 

Developed Especially For Hot & Dry Areas

Varo is a hybrid half-long eggplant with early maturity, suitable for tunnel production and open field production. The fruits have a shorter neck, measuring 16x6cm in size. The fruits have a wonderful a deep, dark purple colour - near black. This variety is very high yielding, giving a high percentage of A-quality fruits. Varo is very grower friendly, as the fruits are easy to pick. 

Hybrid Eggplant Varo Fruits

Open Plant, Less Disease Pressure

Varo has an open plant with good branches and thus less disease pressure. The plant also has good branches and big leaves, providing excellent leaf cover. The protection from its leaves shield the fruits against sunburn, guaranteeing Varo to keep its lovely colouring. 

Hybrid Eggplant Varo Plant

Eggplant F1 Varo's High Yield

We have been breeding eggplants since 2011 and our portfolio has seen continuous improvements on our existing varieties. If you're familiar with our other varieties, Varo can be considered as a more superior successor to Balsas. When compared to Balsas, our new variety Varo is thoroughly improved. Varo has:

  • Much higher yielding
  • Very high percentage of marketable fruits
  • Better fruit quality
  • Better dark colouring
  • Firmer fruits
  • Developed for hot and dry areas, guaranteeing better production in these climates, especially outdoor production

We tested Balsas vs. Varo in our trial station in Jordan as part of our internal trial testing process. In 2019 we compared the yield of Balsas against the yield of Varo across 5 plants. After 15 picks of these 5 plants, Varo yielded 104kg against Balsas yield of 84kg. A whopping 20kg difference showing Varo being the much higher yielding variety!

Hybrid Eggplant Varo Yield

Hybrid Eggplant Varo Technical Specifications

Variety Characteristics  

Crop Eggplant F1
Maturity Early
Cultivation Tunnel, open field
Uniformity High
Yield High

Plant Characteristics

Internodes Short
Calyx Green, spineless

Fruit Characteristics

Shape Half-long
Color Deep-Purple Black
Size 16 x 6cm
Firmness Firm
Hybrid Eggplant Varo Technical Specifications