Antalya improved F1

Melon Galia

Antalya improved F1

Early Galia type. Plants are vigorous with excellent fruit setting. Fruits are 1,2-1,8 kg in weight, round in shape, orange-yellow at full maturity and with netted rind. Flesh is light green in colour, very sweet and aromatic with a small seed cavity. It is resistant to Fusarium race 0+1 and Powdery Mildew 1+2

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Melon disease HR:
Fusarium wilt - Fom 1

Melon disease IR:
Powdery mildew - Px 1
Powdery mildew - Px 2


Hybrid: Yes
Season: Spring, Summer
Days to maturity: 70-75
Time of maturity: Early


Cover: Closed
Vigour: Strong
Fruits per plant: 3-4


Final fruit skin color: Orange
Flesh color: Medium green
Firmness: Firm
Type: Galia
Seed Cavity: Medium
Weight: 1.2-1.8 KG