Asteroid F1

Tomato Indeterminate

Asteroid F1

Indeterminate hybrid tomato with vigorous growth but short internodes which makes it ideal for indoor production. The fruits are flat round, 250-300g in size with long shelflife. The dark green leaves gives good cover to the fruits. The variety delivers a very high yield of uniform fruit.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Tomato disease HR:
Fusarium-Fol 1
Tomato mosaic-ToMV

Tomato disease IR:
Tomato yellow leaf curl-TYLCV
Root-knot Nematode-Ma/Mi/Mj


Hybrid: Yes
Time of maturity: Early
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Production environment: Protected


Vigour: Medium
Cover: Medium


Shape: Round
Weight (grams): 250 - 280
Size: XL
Tomato calyx: Jointed (harvested with calyx)
Colour: Red
Firmness: Firm
Set continuance: Very continuous