Batalha F1

Tomato Determinate

Batalha F1

This longer pear-shaped tomato is ideal for markets where longer, determinate types are needed. It has a strong plant and a very good disease resistance package. The fruit are large and have very firm dense flesh that is ideal for sun drying. The fruits have small cavities and thick walls.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Tomato disease HR:
Tomato mosaic-ToMV
Fusarium-Fol 2

Tomato disease IR:
Tomato spotted wilt-TSWV
Tomato yellow leaf curl-TYLCV


Hybrid: Yes
Season: Spring, Summer
Time of maturity: Medium


Cover: Closed
Vigour: Medium, Strong


Shape: Elongated
Colour: Red
Weight (grams): 140-150
Set continuance: Continuous
Firmness: Very firm
Tomato calyx: Jointless (harvested without calyx)