California Supreme

Pepper Sweet

California Supreme

A medium early, higher yielding variety which produces large blocky dark green to red fruits. The 4-lobed fruit are very uniform, smooth and about 10,5 cm x10,5cm in size and weigh approximately 180g on average. The fruit walls are medium to thick. The variety has the typical compactness of California Wonder but has a more strong growing frame.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Pepper disease HR:
Tobamovirus- Tm:0


Sweet pepper type: Blocky Red
Hybrid: No
Production environment: Open field, Protected
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Time of maturity: Early, Medium


Cover: Medium
Vigour: Medium


Blocky size: L
Length: 10.5
Width: 10.5
Firmness: Medium, Firm
Weight (grams): 180