Eclipse F1

Tomato Indeterminate

Eclipse F1

Indeterminate F1 hybrid tomato. The plant growth vigor is medium strong with very short internodes which makes it ideal for green house production. The fruits are early maturing. The fruit size is medium with an average weight of 150-170 grams per fruit.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Tomato disease HR:
Fusarium-Fol 1
Tomato mosaic-ToMV

Tomato disease IR:
Tomato yellow leaf curl-TYLCV
Root-knot Nematode-Ma/Mi/Mj


Hybrid: Yes
Time of maturity: Early, Medium
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Production environment: Protected


Shape: Round
Weight (grams): 150-170
Size: M
Tomato calyx: Jointed (harvested with calyx)
Colour: Red
Firmness: Firm
Set continuance: Very continuous