Frey F1

Pepper Sweet

Frey F1

The large blocky fruit of this variety starts off with a fresh green colour turning to red. The fruit walls are thick and fleshy and the shoulders of the fruit are shallow with a very good calyx attachment. The plants carry a high yield and have an average height indoors of 160 cm, but will in outdoor conditions be semi-compact with a good cover against sunscalding. If planted in double rows outside with a short staked support, a very high yield over a long picking period can be achieved.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Pepper disease HR:
Potato Y: PVY-0
Potato Y: PVY-1
Tobamovirus- Tm:0-3


Sweet pepper type: Blocky Red
Hybrid: Yes
Production environment: Open field, Protected
Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Time of maturity: Early


Cover: Closed
Vigour: Medium, Strong


Blocky size: L
Firmness: Firm