Giselle F1

Pepper Sweet

Giselle F1

An early maturing yellow blocky bell pepper for indoor and outdoor production. The plants are vigorous with short internodes and have a good tolerance to wet rainy conditions.The fruit are thick walled, 6-8 mm and turn from green to a bright yellow. It has an ability to stay on the plant without wilting or creasing, till it turns from a dark yellow to orange colour. It delivers a very high yield on healthy plants.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Pepper disease HR:
Potato Y: PVY-0
Tobamovirus- Tm:0


Sweet pepper type: Blocky Yellow
Hybrid: Yes
Production environment: Open field, Protected
Season: Spring, Summer
Time of maturity: Medium


Cover: Closed
Vigour: Medium, Strong


Blocky size: M
Firmness: Firm