Carrot Marlin

Carrot Nantes


Hybrid Nantes carrot with early maturity of 90-95 days. Its short growing cycle makes it ideal to add an extra growing season (spring or autumn). Marlin is suitable for the fresh market and bunching. The high bolting resistance gives this variety a stable yield even through periods of cold.


Hybrid: F1
Type: Nantes
Market Segment: Fresh Market, Processing, Bunching
Suitable Soil: All soils
Season: Short Season (Spring or Autumn)
Maturity: 90-95 Days


Shape: Slightly Conical
Length: 19-21cm
Colour: Orange
Skin (Lenticels): Smooth
Uniformity: Good
Brix: 6.0-7.0


Foliage Attachment: Medium
Foliage Colour: Medium Green
Height: Medium
Bolting Resistance: Very High