Morogoro F1

Tomato Determinate

Morogoro F1

A hybrid determinate round tomato in the early segment with exceptional color. The variety supplies a high yield of medium sized ( 120-150g) fruit that are medium firm. It combines these good qualities with a very good disease package.

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Tomato disease HR:
Torrado virus-ToTV
Alternaria stem cancer-Aal
Tomato mosaic-ToMV
Fusarium-Fol 2

Tomato disease IR:
Tomato yellow leaf curl-TYLCV
Bacterial wilt-Rs
Gray leaf spot-Ss
Root-knot Nematode-Ma/Mi/Mj


Hybrid: Yes
Season: Spring, Summer
Time of maturity: Medium


Cover: Closed
Vigour: Strong, Very strong


Shape: Round
Colour: Red
Weight (grams): 120-150
Set continuance: Continuous
Firmness: Firm
Tomato calyx: Jointed (harvested with calyx)