Beans Pole


Pole bean with a maturity of 58 days. Saphiros is a white seeded climbing bean with straight, stringless pods of 18-20 cm long and 8-9 mm wide. This variety is suitable for cultivation in greenhouse and plastic tunnel. It is remarkably vigorous and its dark green pods are nicely situated on the plant. It supplies a remarkably high yield over a well spaced picking time.

Disease Resistance Package
High Resistance:
Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV)
Beet Curly Top Virus (BCTV)


Type: Pole
Market Segment: Fine
Market: Fresh Market, Processing Industry
Cultivation: Open Field, Tunnel
Maturity: 58 Days
Seed Colour: White
Harvesting Method: Handpicking


Width: 8-9mm
Length: 18-20cm
Colour: Dark Green