Tengeru Supreme

Tomato Determinate

Tengeru Supreme

A small to medium sized determinate tomato with a flattened globe shape. It has resistance against Nematodes and gives a high yield of medium firm fruit. The fruit shape is very uniform and it has a good colour. This variety was especially developed for the small to medium sized subsistence farmers. Unlike other Tengeru selections it has jointed fruit attachments

Disease Resistance/Tolerance
Tomato disease HR:
Fusarium-Fol 2

Tomato disease IR:
Bacterial wilt-Rs
Root-knot Nematode-Ma/Mi/Mj


Hybrid: No
Season: Spring, Summer
Time of maturity: Early, Medium


Cover: Medium, Closed
Vigour: Medium, Strong


Colour: Red
Weight (grams): 80-130
Set continuance: Continuous
Firmness: Medium
Tomato calyx: Jointed (harvested with calyx)